Road to the Railway

A client reached out to me a couple months ago as she was moving into a new home and was looking for a way to spruce up a blank wall. Let me tell you, when someone says “blank wall,” an artist hears “blank canvas.” Even though the client had an image in mind, she asked my option. When someone has full confidence in your abilities and truly supports your business and dream; it reminds you of why you pursued your dream in the first place.

A close-up of the B&W Railroad on Canvas

The details in a photo are not defined by the amount of colors or space, it is defined by the perspective of the viewer. As you can see above, the image ultimately chosen by the client is a black and white railroad on canvas. The railroad is significant since the client lives right near a railroad. To some people that image is just a railroad, to me the picture explains that someone’s journey is never over. We are tirelessly trying to reach a destination when we should be enjoying the ride along the rails.

A whole room perspective of the canvas (plus a happy dog)

Remember art does not need to be expensive, it is just needs to explain and give perspective on your journey during your fulfilling life. Art helps us express ourselves without words and tell tales, just like they always say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Please consider supporting local artists especially during these uncertain times.

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