Nurse Morgan Photo Session

Morgan and I spent a very hot and sunny afternoon shooting at PCC. Morgan is graduating nursing school and is ready to take on the world. She showed her “love” for the coronavirus through her comical images and smiling poses.

No one understands the pain, heartache and world of medicine like health care professionals. Morgan says she is ready to do whatever is necessary to help people. No one understands what others feel during the time of need (AKA the pandemic), the only way to find out is to ask. During these times of uncertainty, reach out to someone. Maybe it is a long-lost friend or a family friend or the dog walker, just make sure everyone feels “loved” and cared for. It doesn’t cost any money to be kind.

Just remember, you touch a lot of lives with the words you speak, the actions you make and the feathers you ruffle. Never lose the sight of you and what you want to be. Only be the best possible person, you can be!

Congratulations to Morgan and everyone in the Class of 2020!

Thanks you reading — Lia Biscardi! 🙂

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