Holiday Season

The year of 2020 and holiday season are quite tough especially since we are trying to survive a time of a global pandemic and our lives are in the balance. I decided to write to Santa this year, see the letter below.

Dear Santa,

I want to start off with an apology, you are probably receiving millions of letters this year, so I am sorry to add another one. Let me explain the three reasons for this letter:

Reason #1 – Family

This year (2020) has been depriving everyone of quality family time, so all I ask for Christmas this year is the ability to see my family. I used to hate traveling from house to house and now I regret that because year that will be tough. Since it is tough to gather this year, I feel blessed to have the capabilities of technology to communicate with my loved ones.

Reason #2 – Business Quirks

Since the global pandemic started, my business was down in the dumps like many other small business, I ask that you bless everyone with positive vibes and allow small businesses to unite and prosper.

Reason #3 – Shopping

Since most of the shopping for Christmas presents will be done online this year, I hope you send back up to all the drivers that will be delivering packages again this year.


Lia Biscardi

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